Sinemorets Village is a closed holiday resort of 10 houses. They form a harmonic arrangement with their traditional Bulgarian exterior style. 

You would have the opportunity to do few recreational activities like walks, riding in the woods or on the sea shore, kayaking on the Veleka river, sailing in the sea, do river or sea fishing.



Each house has its own parcel of land, a swimming pool (optional), closed and open terrace for family or friends gatherings.

The village is located on a peninsula in the heart of the unique National reserve - Strandja. Just 300 meters from the splendid Butamyata Bay beach, situated between cliffs and woods.

First floor scheme

On the first floor there are the guеst room with a fireplace, a kitchen, one bedroom, a store room for the boiler and the washing machine, a bathroom and a roofed terrace.

The final touches of first floor include:

Floors covered with laminated parquet and ceram-granit. Fire place
2 air conditioners. Windows of Al profiles by the Belgian company Reynaers
Painted walls. Bathroom equipment.
Kitchen furniture. Outlets for cable TV and internet.


Second floor scheme

On the second floor there are 2 bedrooms, a study (wardrobe), 2 bathrooms, non-roofed terrace, 2 balconies, living room and exit to the attic.

The final touches of second floor include:

2 air conditioners. Floors covered with laminated parquet and ceram-granit.
Windows from Al profiles by the Belgian company Reynaers.

Painted walls.

Bathroom equipment.  Ceiling height 2.70 m.


village plan




In the resort Sinemorets Village there are 10 houses which are built from Wienerberger Porotherm 25 N F Light brick, with outer warm isolation covered with decorative coating and natural stone, decorative wood and roof made from ceramic tiles. Parcels are divided by natural plant fence, covered with grass, flowers and trees. Each parcel has a parking lot.
Each house is situated on its own parcel of around 400 m2. Optionally it could be included a swimming pool with size 10х3 m. The resort is surrounded with beautiful fence and has one entry and one exit.
All year round servicing of the resort and your house, parcel and swimming pool, could be done by a management company.    



Area of each house is 200,35 m2

Price per m2 - €2000

Payment plans:


1. With 10% discount - €1800 /m2


2. With 15% discount - €1700 /m2

The construction of a swimming pool is optional and will be build upon order.

Its price is €20 000.

Price for service and maintenance (optional) by resort management company is 6 €/m2 per year.



work progress




Sinemorets is a small holiday town which is located on the south-est point of the Bulgarian sea coast, just 12 km away from Turkish boarder. It is 90 km from Burgas city and its airport, 5 km from sea towns Ahtopol and Tsarevo. It has around 350 permanent residents.


The town is located on a peninsula in the center of a National reserve Strandja with its 15 000 hectares of land and next to the delta of Veleka river. Exactly here the preserved woods of Strandja mountain meet the sea shore of black sea and oaks blend with the dunes. Veleka river is one of the cleanest in Bulgaria. It is a breading place for fish and attracts fisherman.


Just few years ago Sinemorets was part of the boarder zone through which whole territory was the reserve. Thanks to this circumstances, nature has saved its appearance and diversity. In the woods you can find plenty of plants, animals, rare species of birds, many types of mushroom and strawberry.

There are four beaches - for each one's taste. The beach of Veleka river delta's is renown as the most beautiful beach in Bulgaria. It is also located in the preserved zone where the river flows into the sea. The central beach of Sinemorets - Batumyata, offers different sea sports, massage and other beach activities. The beach named Lipite is a paradise like place for people searching for calmness and a bit of romance. At a distance of 6 km from town is located the fourth beach named Silistar. It offers all comforts for tourists and has shallow waters suitable for families with young kids.


In Sinemorets arrive people preferring calmness instead of crowds and noisy night bars. Here peace and tranquillity rule the streets. Its a place preferred by painters, writers and poets.

Nowadays construction is allowed only in a few places. Big part of Sinemorets remains part of the reserve and under the safeguard of UNESCO.



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